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Hey Unstoppable Entrepreneur!


I know that YOU ambitious and have what it takes to break the glass ceiling, tap into your potential and become limitless. My advice: stop getting in your own way! 


This is for you if:

You're a heart-centered female service-based entrepreneur who is READY to take action to grow your soul-aligned business, gain visibility, make the first $4,000+ through mindset, manifestation, and marketing. 

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Hey Unstoppable


I know that YOU are ambitious and have what it takes to break the glass ceiling, tap into your potential and become limitless. My advice: stop getting in your own way! 


This is for you if:

You're a heart-centered female service-based entrepreneur who is READY to take action to grow your soul-aligned business, gain visibility, make the first $4,000+ through mindset, manifestation, and marketing. 

I'm sooo ready
  • You want to show up more authentically online but you hold yourself back because you keep thinking “who am I to do this” and just play it safe.
  • You’re super ambitious and you want to truly make a difference with the gifts you have to share but you the limiting beliefs hold you back. 
  • You’re STUCK in your comfort zone, afraid of failure and judgment, and you’re a chronic people pleaser.
  • You believe that you don’t know enough or are unique enough to stand out in a saturated online market.
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  • You keep procrastinating on taking action and get stuck because it’s just not good enough or perfect enough. 
  • You still feel like selling is icky, sleazy, and salesy. 
  • You have limiting beliefs about money keeping you BROKE such as: 
    • Money is so hard to get.
    • You feel guilty receiving money and charging people for your services.
    • You can't charge premium prices because people won't buy or can't afford it.

You are...


ready to apply
  • Having the confidence to show up as your AUTHENTIC self, create your stand out personal brand, and attract your high vibe soul mate clients. 
  • Jumping out of bed, feeling SO excited and looking forward to do the work you're CALLED to do.
  • Step into your next level identity, your 2.0 self, the CEO you.
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  • Becoming UNSTOPPABLE and taking massive action out of your comfort zone to grow the business that lights you up.
  • Selling your offers from a place of high service and feeling good about receiving abundance and money
  • Having an aligned business where you are serving your dream clients & creating massive INCOME and IMPACT.

At every new level, there's a new devil. BUT what if I told you that when you learn an unstoppable mindset, you can keep LEVELING UP with more ease? 

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I want to be honest with you, strategy alone isn’t going to cut it. What’s the point of receiving all of the best strategies in the world if you keep stopping yourself from taking action? The real secret to unlocking wild success comes from MASTERING YOUR MINDSET.    

➳ Lifetime access to an online library on mastering your mindset to become unstoppable

 ➳ 6 biweekly 1:1 coaching calls with implementation weeks in between calls

➳ 24/7 Voxer support 

➳ 10 guest expert trainings from 6-7 figure female entrepreneurs to learn the best biz strategies out there


My Signature Framework

Week 1

Igniting the Catalyst + Embody the Next Level You

Spark the catalyst and envision the next level you so that your success is a done deal. Learn how to sustain motivation, show up from a place of higher love, service, and purpose. Cut cords with the past so you can let go, clear space, and call in what you truly desire.


Week 2

Step into Your Purpose

Gain clarity on your purpose and your unique blueprint to create an aligned business that is an expression of your soul. Discover how to trust your intuition and let it be a part of how you run your business. 


Week 3

Manifestation + the Art of Shifting Quickly 

Learn how to quickly shift from the limiting beliefs so that you can keep your vibe high and become an energetic match to the soul aligned clients, money, and abundance.

Week 4

Slay the Imposter Syndrome + Perfectionist

You don’t have to feel like an imposter or have perfectionism slow you down in your business. Learn the mindset tools needed to slay imposter syndrome and leave perfectionism behind.  


Week 5

The Inner Child 

We weren’t born with limiting beliefs and disempowering stories. Uncover the subconscious beliefs and when you learned that through and reprogram your mind with new, empowering beliefs. 


Week 6

Self-Love and Overflow

Fall in love with yourself and truly embody self-love on another level. Become unapologetic about expressing yourself authentically and exactly as you are. 


Week 7

Elevate your Self-Worth

Feel worthy being seen and heard. Learn how to have your own back. When the foundation is built so strong, you’ll become unstoppable no matter what. Self-worth is the foundation and fortress for being unstoppable and receiving the success you know you're meant to have.

Week 8

Become Unstoppable

At every level there’s a new devil but you get to become unstoppable. Learn how to step out of your comfort zone so you can take the uncomfortable massive action needed and continue to level TF up every time. 


Week 9

Calling in the Money

Go from scarcity to abundance mindset as you learn new paradigms about money and wealth. Expand your capacity to receive more money, and learn to embody the wealthy you. Get ready for financial expansion and earning more in your business. 


Week 10

Selling from Your Soul  

Selling doesn’t have to feel icky, sleazy, or salesy. Learn how to sell with confidence, alignment that allow your potential clients to feel seen, heard, and served because selling is of high service. 


Week 11

Step into the CEO You 

Step into the powerful leader and boss you’re called to be. Embody the CEO identity and set boundaries in your business. 

Meet Your Guest Expert Coaches

Learn the best business strategies from these incredible female entrepreneurs who are running 6-7 figure empires. These trainings will be done live with an interactive Q & A + additional resources including worksheets, hypnosis and meditation audios.


Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is how Laura runs her multi-6 fig biz in a super flowy, aligned way. Learn how to be in the energy to attract high-vibe clients who are a HELL YES and ready to calibrate to your frequency. Attraction marketing is all about who you're BEING.

Release Racial Trauma + Build Wealth

Juliet is million dollar hypnotist and certified brain coach who will the power of hypnosis to help you release intergenerational racial trauma and reprogram your mind to attract, receive, and keep the wealth you desire. Experience deep and powerful shifts from her training to heal and break the glass ceiling. 

Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert

Learn how to create content that you can actually profit from in your business. In this training, the content queen will teach you her Content Framework for Profit so that you can become the to-go expert, build authority, and let your content do the selling for you.

How to Quantum Leap in Sales

Quantum leaping is about becoming a vibrational match to what you desire. It’s time to activate your energetic field to call in more soul mate clients, money, abundance, and opportunities. You get to create your dream business from being the divine, empowered feminine CEO you're meant to be.

How to Read the Room During a Launch

When you effectively pay attention to your content and your audience, you can really maximize a launch and convert more. Madison is a launch queen and expert. In this training, she'll teach you how to maximize your launch by reading your room during the sales period. Find your unique marketing style and the type of content that works best for you.

Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is about action & doing. Feminine energy is about stepping back & receiving. You need BOTH. As a 7 fig entrepreneur who's had multi-6 figure months without launching or wearing real clothes, Em has reached a whole new level of balance while running her empire. Learn how to balance your masculine & feminine energy needed to take your biz to the next level and receive more wealth.

Ditch the Sales Calls + Close in the DMs

Successfully selling $20k+ packages through the DM, Candace believes that the DM is a gateway to spaciousness and abundance. DM sales is about asking the right questions and having important conversations. Where does the money reside? In your DMs. Learn how to close your next sale in the DM from this DM queen.

Storytelling that Captivates + Converts

Brand storytelling and messaging is key for marketing your offers. When you know how to talk about your offers in a way that invokes emotion and sets you apart, watch your engagement and sales SKY ROCKET. The brand storytelling queen will show you how to communicate your services in a clear, concise, and compelling way that captivates and converts your audience. Communication is key!

Create a Stand Out Brand

As a brand designer with 9+ years of experience, Crizeel helps high level entrepreneurs craft their distinct visual messaging through branding, web design and launching. Learn from this branding expert on how to use your social media to the fullest, create a strong social media and online presence that create a stand out brand that is distinctly yours. Branding is key to a thriving business.

Master Workflow and Automation

Dana is a mom of 4, runs a successful photography business and group coaching business. What allows her to stay balanced through it all is automation and SYSTEMS. You need both the front and the back end of your business to work for you. In this training, you’ll learn how to create automation and systems in your business so you can let your business run while you sleep.

Why you need this now

If you procrastinate on starting, the truth is you’re never going to start. You need to get started now and take action. You already have strategies and amazing ideas to implement and YET you’re the only one getting in your way. It’s time to change that and make 2021 the best year in your business. You’ve been saying that you want to grow your business for a while now, it’s time to take MASSIVE action forward.

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What they're saying...

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“Thanks to Petrina’s coaching, I accomplished a lot in just one month and my quality of life has truly improved. My confidence has gone up a lot. I feel really enlightened and I’ve come to realize who I am as a person. Petrina asked me questions that I’ve never thought of before which made me get to know myself and gain a lot of insights. I’m really excited about life and I now have a new perspective of what I want to do. Things are drastically different now in terms of the way I think about things. I’m so much more confident as a person and I feel happier. Also, the action steps created at the end of each session helps remind me of what I want to accomplish which motivates me. It’s nice to look back and see all of the things I’ve been able to accomplish this month.”

- Ann, Online Twitch Streamer 

when I started the 90 day challenge I was a bit skeptical. I consider myself a self starter, who was capable of enacting change in my life independently. I didn’t feel like I needed someone to hold my hand through my goals nor did i feel like it would help. However, I was completely wrong. Enrolling in the 90 day program was one of the best decisions I have made for my overall life. It changed my life’s trajectory positively and equipped me with lifelong lessons and tools that i wuse and will continue to use in each and every area of my life. Taking on a life coach is less like having someone hold your hand through difficult situations and more like having someone coach you, holding you accountable for the decisions you make in your life. With all that i have learned during my 90-day program i feel confident that i can continue with the momentum I have built and succeed in any positive life change I desire. Some notable improvements in my life that this program helped me with are diminishing negative self talk and the negative thoughts prohibiting me from reaching my goals to name a few. The changes in my life experienced far go beyond the goals I achieved. I am truly grateful to have experienced this program. Thanks Petrina! 

- Anita, CEO and founder of Honey Beats

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for

female entrepreneurs who want to make their first $4k in business and want to increase their visibility, grow their audience, and make income.

  • Personal fitness trainers
  • Health + wellness coaches
  • Content creators 
  • Fashion, travel, or lifestyle Influencers 
  • Life coaches 
  • Relationship coaches 
  • Business coaches
  • Social media managers and strategists
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Hey there, I’m Petrina.


I’m a pre-med UCSB grad turned CEO and founder of A Soul On Purpose. In life, I constantly struggled with self-doubt. I subconsciously believed that I wasn’t worthy or good enough. All of the negative inner voices kept me stuck and from taking action. 

It was only when I learned to master my mindset and really powerful self-coaching tools that I shut out those thoughts and quickly regained the confidence I needed to take massive action. 

I started to push myself more and more out of my comfort zone, from making huge investments in mentors + NLP training ($30k+) to making myself even more visible on social media, and putting myself out there despite the fears and limiting beliefs. 

IT FINALLY PAID OFF!! I had massive mindset shifts and learned how to shift the limiting beliefs quickly to get unstuck, show up with confidence, sell from alignment, and manifest more money. Because I learned how to develop an unstoppable mindset, I’m finally living in Taipei, working with my dream clients from all over the world, making a difference while making income…and I help my AMAZING clients do the same in their epic businesses! I know that you have it in you to do the same because your desires were placed in your heart for a reason.  

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